Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining infrastructure within the City of Rogers including streets, sidewalks and repair, guardrails, vegetation overgrowth that impacts public right-of-ways, cleaning the streets and city-owned drainage systems. They also maintain the city's traffic system including signals and signage. The street department also sprays for mosquitoes from around the last frost of Spring to the first frost of Fall.

The city’s experienced street department staff, headed by Frankie Guyll,  is committed to serving Rogers residents with an open-door policy and willing to listen to the needs of the community. Guyll has been with the Rogers Street Department for more than 43 years.


Fast Facts:
  • 400+ Miles of Roadways 
  • 400+ Miles of Drainage
  • 750 Miles of Sidewalks 
  • More than 102 Traffic Signals