Adult Coed Sand Volleyball (4 on 4)

Program Director:  Tyler Furuseth (631.0336 ext. 2520)

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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Teams must have at least two (2) players to start a game (at least 1 female).  Teams can have a maximum of three (3) males on the court at one time.  Teams consist of four (4) players on the court at one time (4 on each team). Games will be played to 21 (best 2 out of 3).  Third game, if necessary, will be played to 15.  All games are win by 2, no cap. Teams must be prepared to play on Mondays and Thursdays.  Teams will play round robin league and a single-elimination tournament will be offered at the end of the season.  League games will be played on the sand courts at the Rogers Aquatics Center.

REGISTRATION:  Adult Coed Sand Volleyball Registration

Registration Deadline:  July 12, 2023


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