Found Pet

  • If the dog is wearing a current Rogers City tag, call 479-621-1197 and provide the tag's number to the us and we will provide the owner's information.
  • If the dog or cat is wearing any other type of ID, attempt to contact the owner using the information on the ID.
  • The animal can be scanned for a microchip by a local veterinarian or shelter (call the place you desire to take them to ensure that they have scanning capability).
  • Post fliers in the neighborhood where you found the animal.
  • Post the found animal on Pet Harbor, Petkey, Craigslist, Lost and Found Pets Of NWA Facebook page, and/or Arkansas Lost and Found Pet Network Facebook page, etc.
  • If you can safely contain the pet, call us and we will pick up from your location. You can contact the shelter at 479-621-1197 for dog pick up. Or you can complete a stray dog report online.
  • Take the dog or cat to the shelter at 2935 W Oak St.


Twink the Dog