About the Animal Shelter

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Track Record for Saving Animals

Since 2010, Rogers Animal Services has had a major impact on the community. By putting into practice a form of progressive animal control that is focused on reuniting lost pets with their families, Rogers Animal Services, has greatly reduced the number of animals that have been brought to the shelter every year since 2010. This has led to the shelter being able to maintain a 100% Lives Saved rate. This means that any dog or cat that we have come into contact with has either been reunited with its home, been adopted, sent to rescue or is still at the shelter waiting to find it’s forever home.


If you would like to come into the shelter to take a look at our adoptable dogs and cats call, (479)621-1197, to make an appointment.

If you are thinking about adoption feel free to take a look at our website for information on adoptable dogs and cats. You can also view all of our adoptable animals at Petfinder.com, petharbor.com or adoptapet.com.

Our Adoption fee is $61.00. This includes spay/ neuter, microchip, canine parvo-distemper vaccine, feline distemper vaccine and deworming.