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Business license forms can be submitted to [email protected].

Home Occupation Permit forms can be submitted to [email protected].

Applicant Requirements

Business licenses are required for all businesses located within the city limits of Rogers. Business owners will need to follow these steps in order to obtain a business license:

  • You will need to obtain a Use Permit from the Community Development office. This process verifies that the property is zoned for the type of business you are wanting to open. This is required prior to scheduling a Certificate of Occupancy inspection. You can contact their office at 479-621-1186 with any questions.
  • If  you are opening a restaurant, you will also be required to have an inspection by the Benton County Health Department prior to scheduling your Certificate of Occupancy. You can contact their office at 479-986-1300 to schedule that inspection. We will require a copy of that approval when you obtain your business license.
  • Contact the Risk Reduction office at 479-621-1100 to schedule a Certificate of Occupancy inspection. You will need to have all furniture set up and merchandise stocked to at least 80% prior to scheduling this inspection. There is at least a 24 hr notice required to schedule. There will be a $25 fee charged for this inspection which will be payable when you get your business license.
  • A sign permit is required and issued by the Community Development Department located at 301 W Chestnut. For more information, please contact their office at 479-621-1186.

Business License Fees

The fee for a business license is based on the type of business and number of full-time employees as listed below. This license expires every year at the end of December. Renewals will be mailed out mid-December and are due by February 1st. Penalties will be assessed on all late payments.


Manufacturing (rendering raw or semi-finished materials into finished products for sale) fee: $50 plus $3 for each employee or owner working 25 hours or more per week.


Sales fee (including retail establishments not specified elsewhere in this article): $50 plus $3 for each employee or owner working 25 hours or more per week.

Professional Services

Professional Services fee (unless subject to a higher tax in another category): $75 plus $10 for each employee working a minimum of 25 hours per week, plus $20 per owner or part-owner who holds an individual state license to perform the service.

Such services include the following:

  • Accountants
  • Advertising agencies
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Bail bonding firms
  • Banks
  • Engineers
  • Funeral directors or undertakers
  • Medical profession (all members)
  • Insurance agents / brokers
  • Pharmacists
  • Real estate brokers and agencies
  • Savings and loan associations
  • Stock and/or investment brokers

If an agency or broker allows salespersons selling realty under the agency’s auspices with office space but does not consider them to be employees, the agency shall collect from the salespersons the appropriate tax and remit it at the same time they remit the tax due from the agency.


Services (other than professional) fees: are $40 plus $10 per working owner and employee working a minimum of 25 hours per week


Food (restaurants, cafes, diners, cafeterias, or any place where food is prepared and served to the public) fees: 

  • Minimum seats (1 to 9): $50
  • 10 to 25 seats: $75
  • 26 to 75 seats: $100
  • Over 75 seats: $150

Motels, Hotels, Boardinghouses, Rooming Houses, and Apartments

Fees are as follows:

  • 1 to 6 units: $50
  • Each additional unit thereafter: $3

Self-Service Storage Units

Fees are as follow:

  • 1 to 6 units: $50
  • Each additional unit thereafter: $0.50

Home-Based Businesses

Home-Based Businesses are allowed if one room of the home is used for the business (service-type businesses) and has no display of goods. You will need to obtain a Home Occupation permit from Community Development prior to applying for a business license. 

Moving a Business or Change of Ownership

If you are moving a business from one location to another or have a change of ownership at your business, you will be required to obtain a new Use Permit and have a new Certificate of Occupancy inspection done. If your business is a restaurant, then this will also require a new health department inspection.

Tax ID Application

Applications for the tax ID are available at the Office of Field Audit, a division of the Department of Finance and Administration, located at 1501 Southeast Walton Boulevard, Suite 213, in Bentonville. For more information, call 479-271-8108 or visit the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website.