Victims of Crimes- Laura's Law

The purpose of this page is to provide crime victims their rights afforded to them by Arkansas’ Victims Bill of Rights outlined in

Arkansas Victim Rights Act of 1997 and Laura’s Card Act 873


1. You have the right to privacy while in all medical facilities and while seeking medical attention

2. You have a right to petition the court for an Order of Protection

3. You have the right to request the court keep your physical address and personal phone number confidential.

4. You have a right to your own attorney during all court proceedings.

5. You have a right to notice of all court proceedings.

6. You have a right to contact the Prosecutor’s Witness Coordinator.

7. You have a right to be present at all hearings where the defendant is present.

8. You have a right to reasonable protection before, during, and after court proceedings.

9. If available, you have a right to be provided a separate waiting area before, during, and after all court proceedings.

10. In criminal proceedings, you have a right to request restitution be sought through the prosecutor’s office.

11. You have a right to provide a Victim Impact Statement at the sentencing hearing.

12. You have the right to be notified on the status of the alleged or convicted offender.

13. You have a right to be provided with an interpreter during all court proceedings.

14. If the victim is a minor, incapacitated, or deceased, a member of the victim’s family may exercise these rights. 

For full details and further explanation of your rights refer to: The Arkansas Crime Information Center’s Victims Guide (PDF) or ACIC Victims Info.

  1. Order of Protection
  2. Arkansas Vine Program
  3. Helpful Numbers

An order of protection is a court order signed by a judge that can require a person to stay away from you and is intended to prevent his/her abusive behavior toward you. An order of protection can also prevent an abuser from contacting you by phone, text, email, mail, fax, or third parties. If the order of protection is violated by the abuser, the police can arrest the abuser and place him/her in jail.

You are eligible for an order of protection if you are in immediate danger of domestic abuse and you and the person you are filing against are:

  •  At least 18 years of age
  •  Married
  •  Divorced
  •  Live together, or have lived together
  •  Related by blood
  •  Have a child together
  •  Dating or have dated in the past

A parent/guardian may also file on behalf of a child under 18 years of age.

For more information, please contact:

Victim Assistance Program at Benton County Prosecutor’s Office: 479-271-1030 or

Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter 479-246-9999 or 800-775-9011