Hiring Process

The names of the candidates who successfully complete the testing phase will be placed on an eligibility list in ranking order. This eligibility list will remain valid for one year from the examination date.

A Conditional Offer of Employment, an Authority to Release Information Form, and a Background Investigation Packet will be given to a number of eligible candidates, depending on the number of open positions at the time of the exam.

Upon return of your completed Background Packet you will be fingerprinted to check for previous criminal offenses. You may be requested to complete a 168-question questionnaire. You will also be required to sign a Disclose and Penalty form as to the truthfulness of the information in your completed Background Packet.

Prior to a final offer of employment, you will be given a drug screen, examined by a licensed physician,and be examined by an individual licensed to practice psychiatry or psychology and qualified to perform such evaluations in the State of Arkansas who, after examination, finds the candidate competent and recommends the agency hire the individual. You may also be given a polygraph examination that may contain questions from the following categories:

* General Qualifications
* Employment
* Criminal Activity
* Theft
* Crimes against persons
* Illegal drug usage/sales
* Financial history
* Driving history
* Personal history information, and
* prior law enforcement service

The expected duration of the process from the time the Background Investigation packet is given should be no longer than 3 months.

Employment opportunities in the City of Rogers shall be open to every individual regardless of age, race, color, creed, national origin, sex, political affiliation or benefits, or handicapping conditions.