Orion Waste Solutions

Collection Program

Orion Waste Solutions is the contracted provider of residential solid waste, curbside recycling, and bulk pickup for the citizens within the City of Rogers. Each customer will receive a 96 or 64 gallon solid waste rolling cart, which is collected once a week as a curbside service. These carts are the property of and belong to Orion Waste Solutions. Do no paint or otherwise mark the carts with your name or address. Each cart has an individual serial number assigned to each address. Feel free to record that number for your records. Service billing is included with Rogers Water Utility services.

Residential Service Fees

Type of Cart Monthly Charge
64 Gallon Recycle Cart  
64 Gallon Recycle Cart-2nd Cart a one time $5 fee 
96 Gallon Solid Waste Cart $17.93
96 Gallon Solid Waste Cart-2nd Cart $13.83
64 Gallon Solid Waste Cart $17.45

Disabled Persons

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act and customer needs, Inland Waste Solutions will provide house to curb service at the rate of curbside service. Please contact Inland Waste Solutions at 479-878-1384 for more details.