Community Risk Reduction Division -  Fire Department

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The Community Risk Reduction Division (CRRD) of the Rogers Fire Department is staffed by twelve experienced, full-time personnel. The CRRD is responsible for a wide range of activities that make the community a safer place in which to work, shop, and live.

These activities include residential and commercial plan reviews, fire and life safety inspections, fire safety education, and fire investigations. The CRRD is charged with conducting fire and life safety inspections to protect our community and the lives of our citizens through enforcement of the laws and regulations governing fire safety. The Division absorbed what was formerly known as the Rogers Building Inspections Department in July of 2015. The consolidation improved the inefficiencies of both departments, creating a true one-stop shop for developer/builders. 

This Division reviews all residential and commercial plans prior to the issuance of permits and all applicable sub-permits for the construction of:

  • New commercial buildings
  • New residential homes
  • Commercial additions and remodels
  • Residential additions and remodels
  • Decks, storage buildings, storm shelters
  • Demolition
  • Structural raising and/or moving
  • Tents

Contractor Licensing

The following license information, by trade, is required in order to obtain a permit in the City of Rogers:

  • State Contractors License
  • Master Plumbing License
  • Master Electrical License
  • Mechanical License
  • General Liability Insurance
  • City Business License


The Division conducts Certificate of Occupancy inspections for new businesses. The Division should be contacted prior to opening to schedule a date and time for the inspection. Any new business, change of location or change of ownership would require an occupancy inspection in order to obtain your business license.

Fire Investigations

Fire investigations are conducted by an on-call member of the CRRD. All division members are trained in fire investigation and evidence processing. The CRRD conducts investigations into both criminal and non-criminal fire causes and conditions. The fire investigators work closely with the Rogers Police Department Criminal Investigation Division.

Fire Safety Education

Fire Safety Education is an important part of the overall duties assigned to the CRRD. The CRRD develops and coordinates a variety of public education and training programs that are used in the community. Firefighters conduct station tours of their stations, as well as providing fire company tours and presenting educational programs to pre-kindergarten classes through 4th-grade students.

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