Planning Commission


  • 4:30 p.m. (Large-Scale Committee meets at 4 p.m. in Community Room prior to the regular session)
  • First and third Tuesday of every month
  • City Hall: Council Chambers (301 W Chestnut)
  • Contact the Planning Commission
  • Contact the Planning Department

Ordinance Number 345 

  • Nine (9) members
  • Six (6) year terms
  • Appointed by Mayor, confirmed by City Council


CHAIR: Don Spann; Term Expires: September 23, 2019
VICE CHAIR: Eriks Zvers; Term Expires: September 23, 2019
SECRETARY: Dennis Ferguson; Term Expires: September 23, 2019
Kevin Jensen; Term Expires: September 23, 2021
Mike Malone; Term Expires: October 4th, 2023  
Mark Myers; Term Expires: September 23, 2023
Tony Noblin; Term Expires: September 23, 2021
John Schmelzle; Term Expires: September 23, 2023
Rachel McLosky; Term Expires: October 23, 2021

Large-Scale Committee

CHAIR: Eriks Zvers
Mark Myers
Tony Noblin
Don Spann
Rachel McLosky 

Subdivision Review Committee

CHAIR: Dennis Ferguson
Kevin Jensen
John Schmelzle
Don Spann

Mike Malone