1. Advertising & Promotions Commission

    Learn about the Advertising & Promotions Commission.

  2. Airport Commission

    See the responsibilities of the Airport Commission.

  3. Civil Service Commission

    View details about the Civil Service Commission.

  4. Historic District Commission

    View details about the Historic District Commission.

  5. Museum Commission

    See the responsibilities Museum Commission.

  6. Northwest Regional Planning Commission

    Learn about the Northwest Regional Planning.

  7. Parking Authority Commission

    View the details of the Parking Authority Commission.

  8. Parks Commission

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Parks Commission.

  9. Planning Commission

    Access information about the Planning Commission including meetings, agendas and minutes, members, and more.

  10. Public Art Commission

    Governs the display of artwork on city owned or maintained property.

  11. Water Utilities Commission

    Read about the Water Utilities Commission.