Frequently Addressed Statutes / Ordinances

  1. Cell Phones & Driving

    Read about the state's current regulations on the use of cellular telephones while operating a motor vehicle.

  2. Cell Phones in School Zones

    Find information about Ordinance #09-93 - The use of cell phones in school zones.

  3. Child Custody

    Peruse information about the laws about child custody orders.

  4. Child Seats

    Get informed about child seat statutes.

  5. DWI & DUI

    Check out information about DWI and DUI statutes that are in place for the safety of individuals on the road.

  6. False Alarm Ordinance

    Explore information about the city's False Alarm Ordinance.

  7. Noise Ordinance

    Browse information about the city's noise ordinance.

  8. Public Intoxication

    Find important information about the statute pertaining to public intoxication.

  9. Ride Along