City Clerk


The City Clerk is the record keeper for the City of Rogers. As such, the City Clerk’s Office is responsible for the following:

  • Handling legal publications for the city
  • Handling Landowner Initiated Annexation Requests
  • Issuing peddler’s permits, and for-profit-fair licenses
  • Issuing cemetery deeds
  • Keeping a permanent record of all ordinances and resolutions that are passed by the City Council
  • Preparing City Council Agendas
  • Preparing records pertaining to City Council meetings, including minutes
  • Providing general information, both in person and on the phone
  • Scheduling City Council committee meetings

The office is also responsible for the issuance of Private Club Permits and collection of monthly:

Request for Bids & Proposals

Advertising or Request for Bids or Proposals for any city department is coordinated through the City Clerk’s Office, as is all vehicle, property, and liability insurance additions, deletions, or claims. Visit our Request for Bids page for current postings.

No Knock List
The Clerk-Treasurer’s Office maintains the “No Knock List” for residents who request not to be contacted by door-to-door sales businesses. Rogers residents may contact City Hall at 479-621-1117, mail to 301 W Chestnut, Rogers, AR, 72756 or submit a No Knock List Application online to be added to the list along with a copy of a state issued identification card, a current utility bill, or a current mortgage or lease agreement. Registration shall be valid for two (2) years.  If the registration is not renewed after two (2) years, the address will be removed from the no-knock list. Registration may be renewed by the requester in the same form as is required for the original registration.  Additionally, residents are encouraged to subscribe to the Solicitor Permit Alert for email and/or text message notification of any permitted solicitors

The No Knock List is a requirement to purchase by businesses that are doing door-to-door sales calls in Rogers. A current Rogers or any city of Arkansas business license is also required in order to conduct door-to-door sales. All door-to-door sales persons must carry with them the No-Knock List and their Rogers or any city of Arkansas business license while conducting door-to-door sales calls.

City Council Minutes

Minutes from Rogers City Council meetings for years 2004 through 2019 are now available at the MCCI website. From this site, you will be able to search these files for a particular issue, word or phrase and be able to view the page or pages where they appear.


Landowners wishing to be annexed into the City of Rogers should begin by reading this important information. Please note that the City Clerk cannot provide legal advice.

Click here for a diagram of our process.


1. Subject property must be contiguous to the city limits

2. Provide a completed Request for Annexation Form

3. Provide an accurate legal description of the property (from a recent survey or the last recorded deed)

Submit the Request for Annexation Form and legal description of the property to:

By Mail or In Person: 
City of Rogers- City Clerk
301 W. Chestnut Street
Rogers, AR 72756

By Email:

Once your application is received, the City Clerk’s office will begin the review process. Your application information will first be provided to the Community Development Department for initial review and report. Once this is completed, your application will be routed to the various city departments for review and considerations. The Annexation Packet, which includes the application, supporting documentation, and departmental reviews will then be forwarded to the Legal Department for review and inclusion on the City Council Agenda if applicable. This process could take several months to complete.

There are 4 different types of Landowner initiated annexations. You may click on each method for the applicable state laws.

1. Petition Method (A.C.A § 14-40-601 et seq.)

2. Annexation by 100 % Petition (A.C.A § 14-40-609)

3. Consolidation (A.C.A § 14-40-1201 et seq.)

4. Annexation into Adjoining Municipality (Municipal Services) (14-40-2002)