Mental & Social Wellness

  1. Arts & Crafts Studio

    Explore the Arts and Crafts Studio at the Adult Wellness Center where classes accommodate various arts and crafts.

  2. Dining Room & Demonstration Kitchen

    Explore the programs and classes offered in the Adult Wellness Center's dining room and demonstration kitchen.

  3. Educational Programs

    Learn about the educational programs and classes offered at the Adult Wellness Center.

  4. Game & Meeting Rooms

    Check out the activities and events held in the game and meeting rooms.

  5. Library & Computer Lab

    Build your individual knowledge and growth by utilizing the Adult Wellness Center's library and computer lab.

  6. Lounge & Social Areas

    Relax and socialize in the Adult Wellness Center's lounge and social areas.

  7. Recreational Activities

    Discover the numerous activities for individual at the Adult Wellness Center.