Garbage/Recycling Complaints

As with any customer provided service, Inland Waste Solutions hopes to avoid the need of any complaints. However, on any project this large, misunderstandings will occur. Keep in mind the trucks have to be emptied periodically and will return to finish collections where they left off. If you feel you have been missed, please call (479) 878-1384 the following morning so a prompt pickup may be scheduled. If you have been missed on a Friday, please call (479) 878-1384 between 8:00 AM-12:00 PM on Saturday to reschedule for a Monday pickup. If your complaint remains unresolved after speaking with customer service, contact the manager at (479) 644-2956.  If you feel your complaint is still unresolved after speaking with the manager, please contact the front desk at City Hall (479) 621-1117 to report.  You may also report a concern online.